Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bangalore's new buses

Rainbow benefit schemes from the BMTC (The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) nowadays include Accident Insurance, Medical Reimbursement for injuries from vehicular accidents, parking fee discounts at bus stops, monthly free coupons from Nandini/MSIL/Seedlings from the Lalbagh Nursery, and loads of lucky draws on prizes like free trips, refrigerators, computers and even a car.
On a daily basis the BMTC does this:
  • Operate 3875 schedules
  • Deploy a fleet of 4035 buses
  • Make 58,000 trips
  • Perform 875,000 service kilometres
  • Carry 3,200,000 passengers
  • Earn around Rs. 17,300,000
  • Pay Rs. 952,000 to the Government towards Motor Vehicle tax
Also, there are buses such as this one plying on the roads nowadays not to mention the launch of a call center too!

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