Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Synaps opening for Taxiride

Bangalore, Palace Grounds, it was raining for an hour before the show and the place was packed. With Synaps opening for Taxiride, we had the advantage of walking out if Taxiride didn't make an impression. Ofcourse, they didn't. So we left to down some beer at Windsor Pub.
The guys from Synaps had it bad. They are a pretty tight band and play mostly their own stuff - which is good. But then the crowd didn't take to them thrashing a guitar on stage. Bloody uptight crowd I thought. Then it all fell into place. I hadn't heard them. Then I did. A pansier version of Sound Garden is a close description. So off we went to console ourselves with cold draught and squid rings.
Managed to get hold of 2 pics from this show. Will post a links to their first album songs that I'm trying to upload.

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Dante said...

if you could find a link to their songs... that would be AWESOME