Saturday, September 30, 2006

the boy who paints portraits

I sit down to paint your portrait
and I cannot,
after studying you slowly
end up thinking
that missing
in my paints
are those intense colours that reflect a rare creature

I can not
capture your smile
recreate your look
but little by little

I think about you

You still return every time
and continue standing there, posing
with a lot of patience
because, and even though my canvas
remains blank

the hours
pass by flying
and very little progress
has gone into your portrait

I suspect
you're in no hurry
and its ok
to see things through little by little

I think about you


Moorthalesandsomemore said...

I try and write, tell stories, recreate images in my head with simple words. No fancy verses, intelligent words, intricate imagery and all that.
If you can take away something from every story or poem I write and not wonder...
I wonder.

Moorthalesandsomemore said...

Forgot to add - the original is in Spanish! Thats why it sounds a little odd here and there...