Monday, March 14, 2011

Curiosity, a malady

As kids, curiosity is what teaches us the most important instincts. It's like the nice bacteria that makes curds / yogurt. Inquisitiveness is honed into trying, asking, grasping, prodding everything and everyone around us.

As grown-ups, you see people pile up at the site of an accident to only watch. We are voyeurs as we stare into others houses as we walk past. You answer the phone on the bus and everyone is eager to listen in to your conversation. We aren't necessarily the stalking type, but places like Facebook puts us in overdrive when it comes to curiosity.

In wanting to know and satiate this want, we've sometimes crossed the line in many ways. There are the stalkers, the voyeurs, and the over-inquisitive neighbour. But you might step over the line unwittingly too. And then you might be hit with the too-much-information brick or the way-too-much-information wheel-barrow of bricks. Then there's no going back. Too many connections are formed, too many visuals. Etched.


june said...

I can't agree more. I promise I'll never look at your phone when it rings. No, really.

tumunathan said...

June, please report to HQ for debriefing. ASAP.
There's also a mini bar stocked with Sodium thiopental for your indulgence.