Friday, January 27, 2012

Honey Bee and Pandhi Fry

I keep opening this page and wonder why I have nothing to write. So I put up a photo I took at the Storm Fest in Coorg.

An then, since I still haven't figure out what to write I added some more.

I've been reading a lot online recently. And for some reason I've been reading a lot of blogs of people based out of Chennai. They are like a slap in the face. Like that advt. The Hindu made in response to TOI's nonsense.

But then I'm not opinionated like them, have nothing to crib or rant about too. Everything that worries me gets figured out in my head or ...erm ...gets taken out on people around me.

This guy above is Raghu Dixit. Kannada folk/pop artiste. Wonderful performer. Breaks strings on his guitar through the show. Does a fat guy dance with his bassie and guitarist to show the crowd how they shouldn't sit on their rear-ends.

Below is the most disjointed creature I've ever met. She is a question motor-mouth, a doubt-a-moment verbal monster who bent your mind into so many colourful shapes you'd wonder why you were born with thumbs.

I was wing man to this guy below and vice-versa as we set upon the fest with the one camera we shared. Introduced Gollum to the standing-and-putting-HoneyBee Kodava style. He stayed up awake for three days and two nights ...almost. I'd retire like a nun to our tent once sleep hit. Many moments of such poor sportsmanship by yours truly.

Some other pics I have to put up to make this post the all-time longest.

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ahmedabadonnet said...

So lovely combinations...