Monday, June 03, 2013

Never let go

She stood facing the mirror. That cliché never worked. She stepped away, walked toward a wall. Pressing her cheek into the cool surface she moved in, imagining herself walking through a door, and into the garden below. Traipsing? No. She fluttered and wafted down. The grass was freshly mown. The smell of painful screams lingered. It reminded her of what was meant to be forgotten. Memories that hurt as they squeezed the air out of her lungs. Memories never worth holding on to.

But she'd held on to the other memories. And here she was, floating through them. Faces, voices, beautiful moments, laughter, togetherness, belonging... everything that made her feel warm. She chose to keep these with her. And never forgot.

Basking in them she could wake up now. She stepped away hearing the tinkle and chatter from the room beyond. She smiled, popped a pill and walked out.

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