Saturday, October 07, 2006

Distracted men

she said she was painting her walls green
he said he was distracted
she said she'd be there at noon
he said that he loved the local cuisine
she said her kitchen was open
he said he'd bring some wine
and a friend
she later said the friend was a vulture
he said that he looked like one too
she said that he was a simpleton
he said that it was alright for her to think that way
she said it was nice to meet again
he said he reminded her of fresh green apples
she said he should explore the local cuisine more
he said he never noticed the twinkle in her eyes
she said that he had attention problems
he said he had left his heart behind
she said that she'd look anyway
he said that she should act her age
she said she thought she found his heart, elsewhere
he said nothing
she said that someone once said jealousy can't be infatuation
he said he'd pay attention to the local cuisine
she said that he was naive
he said he'd rather not notice
she said that he was playing hard to get
he said he'd rather miss the boat
she said she never pushed hard
he shrugged his shoulders
she said they'd have to go down that road
he said he hadn't packed
she asked how could it be wrong
he said there was nothing
she said she'd never change a thing anyway
she said he broke his heart
he said he never saw it coming
she called him a fool
he was ok with that
she said they needn't run into each other anymore
he asked her to stay a little longer
she smiled that winning smile
he said he hadn't noticed, again
she said she'd look in his kitchen
he said there was nothing in there
she went in and found his heart
he said he'd love for ever
she said he dare not break her heart
he said he won't forget
she laughed
and put the saucepan to the flame

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