Thursday, October 19, 2006

Gayle through Australia

And how!? One man. Just one man, one quiet, calm and cool man. But what he did to the Australian team yesterday is pull off an almost impossible win. Just him. He was growling, on the move constantly, and nipping at the heels of Clarke, working him up, and getting into his psyche. He did get under his skin, the two warnings from the umpires to prove. Clarke getting worked up pushed Gilchrist on the other side to fall first. Things almost went out of hand towards the end of Gayle's spell, but some mistakes from him forced him to cool off. His spell didn't get him any of the wickets he wanted (his only one was of the dangerous Symonds) at the end but was enough to spark of the collapse of the Australian middle order. Super match! Super Gayle!

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