Friday, January 21, 2011


This is about me. So a lot of I's and me's.
Its also about you and the way I feel about you.

I am jealous of the way you can carry yourself, so pristinely in control of everything. Not letting anything bother you. Not a hair out of place. Not a word I say to prick that surface. It all bounces off like water on wax.

You can say all the right things not letting your guard down. Always in control of your emotions. Always able to look past all the shallowness I throw at you. I want to riddle you with questions. I want to uncover your past. I want to know. Find out about every joy and all the pain. I want to be immature and intrude.

I wouldn't know where my instincts end and blind jealousy begins. I push it all down and try to be you. I can only try.


june said...

What bed bugs?

tumunathan said...

June: Ones that bite.